Here’s the skinny….

I have an exciting job that thrills me AND stresses me out everyday! And I’m also a police officer, LOL! Being a female police officer and a mother/wife presents me with so many challenges, day in and day out. Some days I’m a rockstar at both; other days I forget to tie my shoes and I tell bad guys they are making “sad choices”, just like my 4 year old.

I absolutely love the unpredictable nature of both of these life choices, even when it means I have to choose between fight or flight. If I can lend any words of wisdom or a LMAO moment to any other strong but struggling, badass but baffled, take charge but tired woman, my mission is complete! This journey is different for all of us but we take a little here and there and we make it work. Let’s share some laughs and crazy inspiration. And maybe find your badass self along the way!


One thought on “Here’s the skinny….

  1. I have a healthy bias towards cops. It’s been many years, since I turned in my badge, but there is not a day that goes by I don’t think about it. It was truly a job I used to love. 😂


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