10 Steps To De-cluttering Your House-It’s Amazing How Easy It Is!

I am constantly throwing things out. Donating, selling on every online resale page I can join or putting in the trash. I’m a big believer in donating or selling online though. I mean, I paid money for all this crap, why shouldn’t I make some of it back? That’s just good sense!

But the process of deciding is daunting, isn’t it? How do you choose what stays, what goes, what’s sell worthy and what’s trash?

I’ve comprised a list of how to de-clutter your house. Use it, enjoy it or trash it. It may just be one more thing in your inbox that you wish to de-clutter!

  1.  Pick a time when your kids are not hassling you. You need to focus; having your attention divided causes poor judgement on your part! You could throw out that fabulous pair of shoes you never wear, just because your kid can’t find their sippy cup!
  2. Pour a glass of wine.
  3. Pick up every item you are thinking about getting rid of and think back to when you bought it or used it. Start crying over the memories while you take another sip of wine. Put any item you cry over back in your closet or the keep box. You can review that one another day.
  4. Is this item something you plan on making some type of craft with? Have you ever actually made crafts in your life? If the answer is no, throw it out. Nobody wants your sad little wine cork homemade coasters. Speaking of wine corks, that glass of wine you have is not gonna drink itself.
  5. Is the item damaged or stained? Have you EVER tried to get a stain out and been successful? And if it’s damaged and you are not crafty like we determined in #4, then throw it out. Nobody wants your stained, broken stuff!
  6. The exception to the stained rule is t-shirts. I say this, not so you can wear them, but so you can make a super-cool t-shirt quilt with them. Not you, we’ve already established you are not going to make a quilt. But you can pay someone to make it for you!
  7. You are not going to fit in those jeans. I repeat, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO FIT IN THOSE JEANS! And they are probably out of style at this point anyway. Let them go. Embrace your curves girl. Or guy. Either way, you can always buy more if you need to.
  8. Ahhh, delicious wine. What wine goes with de-cluttering? Red, white?
  9. You haven’t worn that lipstick, well, ever. And that eye shadow is crusty. Seriously, it is crusted over. Are you actually going to put that on your eye? No, you’re not. Trash.
  10. Why do you have 7 shampoo bottles in your shower? Are you running a halfway house? 4 of them are empty and 4 of them you hate. Get rid of them.

By now you are finished with your wine, possibly opened another bottle and you are surrounded by jeans, old makeup, empty shampoo bottles and wine corks. Now clean all of that mess up and gather your wits about you, your kids are almost home for goodness sakes!


(As you can see from my makeup tray, clutter is not foreign to me. Nothing says “police mom” like makeup, Littlest Pet Shop and extra rounds that I found in my pocket after a day on the range.)


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